Strode Park

Alterations to The Strode Park Foundation's main building: a 19th century Italiante mansion set in 18 acres of beautiful garden.

Photos courtesy of Clague LLP

The Re-Ability Project atStrode Park is a haven for the rehabilitation of residents through the stimulating environment it provides. The building blends with the existing trees on the site to allow residents to enjoy the comforting presence of the landscape, within a wheelchair friendly, fully accessible building that avoids the feeling of an institutionalised, confined or oppressive environment.

All the practical requirements of the brief are met, including the need to provide a stimulating and pleasant environment in which disabled people can regain their mobility.  The completed scheme has received high acclaim from the client, the patients and the building users.

The Strode Park ‘Re-AbilityProject was chosen by a specialist judging panel to form part of an exhibition at RIBA entitled ‘Healthy Buildings: Architectural Solutions for a changingHealth Sector in the UK’. The exhibition of twenty two schemes not only showcases design quality, but illustrates how architects with a greater understanding of how health services work across the whole spectrum of care, can deliver functional, innovative and sustainable facilities for our communities.

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