New Market Town and 1,200 Homes

The Wixams development plan, near Elstow, Bedfordshire, is inspired by Ebeneezer Howard’s vision of ‘garden cities’, where open space and landscape work together with buildings to create distinctive places and self-sufficient communities.

Photos courtesy of Clague LLP

Wixams is one of the largest new communities in the UK.

The masterplan creates a new market town made up of five villages with a total of 4,500 homes, clustered around a major town centre. The project also includes 6 schools, a new railway connection to London St Pancras, and an employment area.

Village two at Wixams has been developed to a completely new masterplan and design code by Clague Architects using infrastructure and informal open space in a new way to help raise values in a difficult market.  This new village focuses on a stunning new village green, a lake and linear parkland.

The village masterplan features a local centre with village shops, primary and secondary schools, play areas and formal sports pitches.

Detailed character studies were developed to show how the form and layout of buildings would be used to create intimate pedestrian-friendly spaces and streets in line with best urban design practice.

Once completed Wixams town centre will have a rail connection south to London St Pancras (35 minutes) on the Midland mainline London to Nottingham. The new Station at Bedford Wixams will be a key park & ride destination for London commuters in and around Bedford and a convenient link into London for residents of Wixams itself.

We developed the Public Realm design for the new Station Quarter plaza, including integration with the local bus network and pedestrian connections to the adjacent High Street, residential areas and parkland.

Detailed plans for the civic and commercial heart of the place were advanced and full planning permission was secured for key components of the village two centre including:

• A new community building

• Foodstore

• GP surgery

• Creche

• 15 affordable homes

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