Manwood Almshouses

Extension to existing Almshouse.

Photos courtesy of Clague LLP

In the course of Clague LLP's duties and as the inspecting architect to the almshouses, I hit upon the idea of using vacant land within the walled garden to the existing almshouses. Nothing much happened in the first few years but the idea germinated and eventually through the efforts of the skilful Treasurer, amongst others, enough money was raised to build them.

Clague LLP were commissioned to put forward designs ranging from 1.5 storey 2-bedroom units and single units to the ground floor only.

At the conclusion of the feasibility stage, negotiations began with the City Council. Consent was given to build a range of four single storey one-bedroom almshouses.

I will not forget the day I was asked by the Local Authority to provide affordable housing.

These spacious units included a large kitchen, open plan, with living/dining room and generous twin-bedded mobility standard bedroom and bathroom. The new units (except in terms of character) are in complete contrast to the original almshouses which comprise of 2 bedrooms at first floor level, up some very windy stairs. 

The Sir Roger Manwood Trust offers an extended range of accommodation including a charming pub in Shepherd Neame called the Old Beverley, which produces a sustainable annual income.

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