All Saints Church, Graveney

Re-roofing, nave roof and stonework repairs.

ThisGrade I Church was in very poor condition when I took on the appointment as inspecting architect in 2014. The problem stemmed from the leaking of two aisle roofs which caused damp staining in the North and South walls and rotting of the timber deck on which an asphalt roof covering was supported.  The stonework was also in poor order.

After diagnosing the problem, a specification and drawings were prepared to replace the asphalt roofing with repair of the decking and new zinc covering over both decks. This work was carried out together with stonework and plaster repairs. 

The unknown at the time of specifying the work was the extent of rot in the timbers and, in the event, about a third of the decking and joists had to be replaced.The timber repairs were carried out so that as much of the original timbers could be retained. The triumph of the scheme was obtaining English Heritage support and later Heritage Lottery Fund, of which, 60% of the cost of the work was funded. 

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