38a Western Esplanade

Energy-efficient house making the best of the sunsets.

I was the concept-designer for this project. Our clients owned their family home opposite and bought the site because it faced north-westerly and across the seafront. They wanted to enjoy the Turneresque sunsets for which this part of the Kent coast is famous.

We looked at a number of different site arrangements but the preferred scheme was to have the living room facing the sunset at first floor level along with the rest of the bedrooms.  The key feature of the ground floor area was the large kitchen family room facing inland to the south.

The rooms were carefully placed to enjoy the sun and shelter but enclosing a rear garden and patio facing south and the kitchen placed to look over the foreshore. 

The skill in this design was creating a first floor living room space above which the roof cantilevered so that there were no structural posts of any size to obscure the view.

The result is a dramatic appearance turning the corner of Western Esplanade.

Our clients wanted to build with hollow concrete filled polystyrene block because of the high insulation this construction yields.

The result was a highly thermally-efficient house with a layout tailored to it’s setting.

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