Development of 5 shops and 34 dwellings.

Photo courtesy of Clague LLP

This was probably the most unusual project of my career.

We were approached and invited by Canterbury City Council to enter a competition with three other architect practices, each to choose a developer to work with.

The competition was to put a scheme together for development of the Horsebridge and Browning’s yard site strategically placed between the town and Whitstable Harbour. The scheme was to drive regeneration of the town.

Our chosen developer was Banbury Estates Ltd. The builder was AE Ansley Ltd. Our scheme achieved62% of the public vote (remembering there were four competing practices). 

This involved designing a scheme that would fund the development of a community arts building from the sales of the residential and commercial properties which eventually comprised of 5 shops and 34 dwellings.

We proposed that the design of the community arts building be in the form of a upturned boat and those who know me will know that that is my passion although I prefer them the right way up!

There were many lessons along the way but the result was a very popular development which is now a focus of the town.

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